Inventory Management Systems


Introducing an easier way for managing your business. Online inventory management system organizes your customers, vendors sales orders, purchase orders, stock, estimates & invoices and Dramatically reduce your time spent in admin with Ordering, stock keeping and supply chain tools that save you time and money.
Online Inventory App is rich yet simple to use inventory management system and multi channel sales tool that helps you manage suppliers, purchases, shipments, consignment stock, locations, warehouses and sales through multiple channels.

Multi Warehouse Locations

Hold stock in several locations, warehouses or stores, just need to segregate stock in your system, Multi-location capabilities will allow you to add as many warehouses as required and even run a consignment stock business.

Multi Channel Synchronization

All your products and on hand inventory information is instantly updated across all of your sales and inventory channels. Inward or outward transactions in one place are reflected across all of your stock locations means no double handling required.

Sales Invoice Print and Email

Print or email either an invoice or receipt & delivery slip during order entry. Avoid overhead of manually creating documentation and increase productivity of the organization.

Min and Max Stock Levels

To ensure your optimal stock availability, define minimum and maximum stock levels for each product. This will then give you alerts of over and under stocks for urgent action.

Product Grouping

Various Items can be categorized into product groups and sub-groups to give you control over the dissection and filtering of reports and lists.

Detailed Vendor Masters

Manage your all your vendor details centrally. Record useful information such as contact details, emails, payment terms, tax rates.

Invoices-Orders & Receipt -Delivery slips

Generate Invoices, quotations or purchase orders and sales leads with great flexibility. Create an invoice or quote and email it instantly direct from Unleashed in one easy step. Auto generate , just with a click.

Data Exports

Use data export feature to easily export your software data into excel format which can be easily used for reference and analysis purpose

Analysis & Reports

Generate extremely detailed reports for your inventory, assets, sales and finances. Filter your reports by inventory categories and/or service categories to see what’s making you the most money.

SMS/Email Notification

SMS & Email Notification to maintain automated response system for your activities, instant SMS / emails would be sent automatically without you being worried of missing out any.