Order Management mobile application provides you comprehensive, scalable and easy to use order lifecycle management mobile application that seamlessly supports your entire web order operation from order through to shipment. The Order Management application consists of components that allow you to streamline the entire process of placing order, selling and shipment resulting in an efficient and cost effective process. Integration with the entire back office results in a system that ensures that order processing is not only optimized, but functions in unison with other workflow.

Order Management – Gateway

Our Order Management Gateway is stands as an important link between your web store and all of your back-office functions. It is through this gateway where all critical data is exchanged with your backend server to provide the information required for receiving all inbound online orders. Virtually unlimited amount of data and type of data can be exchanged or shared and application is designed to be seamless and in real time.

Order Management – Order Fulfillment

The web order fulfillment functionality allows you to place, manage, track and control the entire process from start to end so that you can provide direct order fulfilment that ensures greater flexibility, efficiency and higher customer satisfaction.Orders can be filled automatically to the server with mobile application based on a combination of order history, pre-determined rules as well as in real-time, saving time and effort, increasing efficiency ,minimizing costs and gaining customer loyalty.

Order Management – Product & Vendor Management

Create and define products and vendors, record corresponding details and contact information prices, rates, set conditions that determine the rules in which your products/ stock and its suppliers are to be managed. The order management system – product and vendor management components have extensive functionality that allows you to search, sort, filter, analyze and report workflow pattern.

Order Management – Inventory Management

Managing your most valuable assets and stock is extremely essential for a successful and profitable business. Our order management mobile application- inventory management component offers detailed reporting, order status updates, real time inventory location and full inventory availability functionality. The system supplies all of the tools you will need to stay updated with placed orders and your inventory status.