Oracle Fusion middleware is complete, open and fully integrated technology across all platforms. It helps business to run on intelligent business application which boosts productivity and efficiency with complete utilization of hardware and software. This cost effective technology helps enterprise to maximize the process and application performance.

It consist of business process, intelligence, integration services, collaboration and content management. It optimize business process spread across multiple applications with more controlled and efficient way.

At Alvieel, we deliver services in :

  • Service Oriented Architecture – SOA :
    • Agile and reusable, efficient data application integration with services based integration.
    • Gears up transformation with lower cost and high availability

  • Business Process Management :
    • Automate business processes across multiple system
    • More controlled structure with better customer visibility and customer experience

  • Developer Tools :
    • Industry best to develop for application, database and intelligence development
    • Enabled on various platform and different operating systems

  • Identity Management :
    • Tightly integrated and highly secure methodology
    • Speedy and user friendly interface with improved access management and administration

  • Mobile Platform :
    • Scalability and secure integration with mobile platform
    • Flexible and improved performance for all types of data management needs

  • Content Management
    • Enables rapid and user friend application automation
    • Adoption of new business process with business management capabilities